Food Sensitivity Testing with the ASYRA PRO

Food Sensitivity Testing/ Nutritional Advice                                                                                                 The Asyra Pro is the latest and most advanced Electro Dermal Screening device.  Bioenergetic screening works with the electromagnetic component of the body. All substances whether living or non living emit electromagnetic frequencies based on the amount and rotational speed of their atoms.

Every specific tissue and organ in the human body has its own individual electromagnetic frequency. Electro dermal screening instruments are a synthesis of electrical technology and the ancient art of Chinese medicine. Bioelectric energy is said to flow through a series of circuits called meridians, which can be affected by stimulating the topical acupuncture points in the body.

Food sensitivities can be the results of various insults to the body, coupled with a person's unique hereditary background. Sensitivities tend to increase with age, as a person ages they tend to have a weakened resistance, due to a weakened immune system. An overload of toxic substances can overload the entire system, exposure to heavy metals, amalgams, constant exposure to pollutants, chemicals and additives can take its toll. Emotions if not properly processed can lead to a diminished immune system.

Repeated consumption of a specific food plays a large part in these symptoms, many people only eat a few foods, the ones we like the best.  Daily over eating of a few specific foods has the effect of stressing the enzyme systems to handle that food,

 If that food is also a present sensitivity, the body's capacity to deal with it is greatly diminished, this is where a non invasive test with the Asyra Pro can pin point possible food sensitivities.

This Consultation usually takes an hour, with over 200 substances tested, the foods that prove positive on the test, will be eliminated for 4/6wks, followed by their sensible re-introduction, you will then be able to monitor the results yourself by how you are feeling, energy levels and general well being.


  During the consultation further nutritional advice and suggestions on supplementation may be given if this is considered to be of benefit to the clients overall health.

A Homeopathic Imprint will also be given, designed to re-balance and heal the gut

Plus full Telephone and email support is at hand, throughout this process between consultations.

This screening is achieved by posting a hair sample  (details under remote screening