Homeopathy is a safe, gently and highly effective medicine. It is one of the most flexible, user friendly forms of complimentary medicine. Homeopathy treats the individual, it takes into account us as emotional beings, it respects us as unique individuals, with our own likes and dislikes our strengths and weaknesses, our fears, anxieties and our own personal health issues and how this effects us.

 It treats a wide range of conditions both physical and emotional, acute and chronic, homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that uses highly diluted substances to stimulate the body's potential for self-healing. Remedies of different potencies are carefully selected, to match the patient's energy and existing problem. Whereas conventional medicine works by suppressing symptoms, homeopathic remedies are selected to work with them in order to let the body free itself of illness. The idea behind this is simple but effective; a substance that causes a particular illness or symptoms in a healthy person, will modify or cure the same illness in a sick person.

Homepathic remedies are therefore selected on the basis of "like cures like". This system of medicine was developed by a german Doctor called Samuel Hahnemann approximately 200 years ago. Appalled by the medical procedures of the day, he believed that human beings have an innate capacity for healing themselves. Children and babies respond positively to homeopathic remedies and in my experience they love taking them. It is extremely rewarding to see children blossom with the remedies, strengthening their weaknesses and returning to good health, which is their right.