Remote Health Screening

Remote Health Screening with the Asyra Pro

I work remotely with Hair Samples

I request that the sample is wrapped in clean kitchen roll or tissue paper and placed into a small sealed bag, paper or plastic, a sandwich bag is an option.

They are posted to me or dropped into my home address if the client is local to me, it is important that the sample is clearly labelled with the name and date of birth of the client as i need these details to enter into the Asyra.

Also the email and full address to send the Asyra report and post remedies.

The amount of hair needs to be at least five strands or a cutting off a fringe or the bottom underneath of the hair.

Another option is to use a clean hairbrush and collect the hairs from the brush after brushing your hair.

The samples do not have to be huge, just enough to work with.

As soon as i have worked on the sample i email your Asyra health screening report, at this point I will require payment by bank transfer.

We arrange to have a telephone consultation that is convenient for both of us,  where i go over the breakdown of the report with you any possible food eliminations, supplementation or life style changes, we also discuss your present  health challenges and how they are impacting on you today.

I then email this to you in writing, with instructions for your homeopathic remedies which usually consists of 6 weeks treatment.

This applies to adults and children as I always use a sample for testing with children, as it  is much easier on the child.

Support through consultations is available by email or phone

Remote Testing including remedies  £60