Health Screening with The Asyra Pro

 The Asyra Pro bio energetic Health Screening system provides information about the energetic origins of the clients health status.  It helps to determine the appropriate course of action regarding remedies.

It is a totally non invasive procedure, a fully personalised assessment.           

The Asyra runs a standard energetic assessment of 40 major organ systems and a Comprehensive assessment from a large data base to see what items will restore balance.

According to Eastern Medicine, the body has a system of energetic channels or pathways including the "Meridian " system that carry the life energy or "chi". The energetic pathways are like a blue print that the body builds itself upon.

All of the biochemical processes of the body are run by the energy system. If the blue print is incorrect, the process doesn't flow properly, which in turn affects the cells, which in turn affects the tissues and results in symptoms. In effect all symptoms begin in the energetic system.

The Asyra Pro readings therefore show us energetic imbalances. We then present the energetic signatures of a group of substances to the body to determine which of them will bring the energy system back to balance.

The Asyra Pro offers 70 tests on a full Comprehensive Testing.                                                     

Nutritional Assessment / Deficiencies / enzyme Deficiencies / Food sensitivity Testing for over 200 substances,  Environmental Sensitivities including Heavy metals/ Chemicals/ Air pollutants etc.                                    

The Consultation takes approximately 1 hr during this period a full patient history is taken to evaluate, where your current health problems began and the next course of action.                                          

Supplementation may also be advised.                                                                   

A homeopathic imprint will be issued to re-balance and desensitise the body to substances that may have been tested as antagonistic.   


Posted hair/ finger nails with report and remedies £60                                                                                                                                

Full support is offered where necessary through out the consultations.